Using Firefox for Event Production in a restricted network

All up-to-date major browsers from all major platforms are supported for viewing events.

For Event Production, along with Chrome, Firefox is one of our supported browsers. However, a known bug in Firefox makes it fail event production in restricted networks.

For users affected by this bug, the Live Producer will find your camera and microphone, but then fail to connect to the SlideSync servers. The “Connecting” warning stays on and the “Start Webcast” button never appears.

This bug only affects Firefox version lowers than 71 (or 68.3 if you’re on Firefox ESR), released in December 2019. Check your Firefox version in the “About Firefox” menu in the Settings.

There is a workaround for this bug for Firefox versions 68 to 71 (or 68.3 for Firefox ESR). Firefox versions below 68 (released in July 2019) cannot be used for event production in a restricted enterprise network. Firefox versions above 71 work fine and don’t need a workaround.

For versions 68 to 71 (or 68.3 for Firefox ESR), you need to set up the Firefox proxy configuration file manually. In order to do that, you’ll need to know the location of the PAC file on your network. It looks something like this:

Your IT department can provide you with this information.

Once you know the location of the PAC file, you need to enter it in the Network Settings of Firefox.

Firefox proxy settings