Troubleshooting the network

Even the best-prepared event can run into network issues at the testing phase. Here are some steps we recommend to help find where the issue is and speed up resolution.

Try another network

To help figure out whether the problem is with the network, it would be good to try with an entirely separate network. For example, a 4G connection through a mobile phone. If it works then, we know for sure that there’s something wrong with the network. If it also doesn’t work on a mobile connection, the problem might be with the device used for production.

Check how the streaming computer is connected to the router

Avoid WiFi connections for the computer that sends the stream to SlideSync. Cable connections are much more reliable. It’s OK for computers used to control the tool (approve questions from the audience, flick the slides…) to be on WiFi.

Test how much bandwidth is available

If the stream isn’t running yet, use your favorite speed test tool to check that the 5 Mbps minimum required is available. For example

Do not do this when a stream is running. Speed tests consume a lot of bandwidth and would disrupt the stream.

Ping SlideSync

A simple ping test should reveal whether the connection between the streaming computer and SlideSync servers is having issues.

On Windows, open the Command Prompt and enter the following command:

ping -t

On MacOS and Linux enter this in the terminal:


This command will send a small request every second to SlideSync, and show you how long it takes to get a reply.

A very good ping is less than 50 ms. A good ping is 100 ms. It shows that the connection between the computer and SlideSync is fine.

If you get more than 500 ms, then there’s a problem. We need to find out where exactly.

Run a traceroute

Traceroute is a sort of elaborate ping test, that will try to connect to Slidesync but will report the network delay for each hop through the internet. First from your computer to the router, then from there to the ISP, then between each ISP node… until it reaches our servers.

On Windows, open the Command Prompt and enter the following command:


On MacOS and Linux enter this in the terminal:


If the ping was bad, then the traceroute report should show which step is causing the delay.