Team member permissions

Live events are often a team effort. Event manager can get help from colleagues to help prepare and manage.

In order for a colleague to be able to access the configuration pages, they’ll need to have an account on SlideSync. The team management section allows you to do it for them very quickly. Either at the organization level or at the single event level.

Screenshot of the Organisation tab
Enter email, select role, click “add user”, done.

The preset roles are the following:

  1. Owners can control all aspects of an organization and its events, including inviting new users
  2. Event managers can control all aspects of the event, including assigning roles to the existing users
  3. Moderators can view incoming unapproved questions, edit and approve them. See Questions
  4. Speakers can access the Live Producer where they can start and stop the event and flick the slides.
  5. Reporting users can only view the event analytics.

Roles overview

 OwnerEvent managerModeratorSpeakerReporting
Invite new team membersOnly for single events   
Manage team permissions   
Access Live Producer  
Change basic settings   
Manage Q&A  
View statistics 
Manage surveys ✔