For a better overview and differentiation of the different webcasts in the SlideSync backend, webcasts can be tagged. A tag can also be used to uniquely associate your internal process ID with a webcast.  


  1. Create a webcast or open an existing one. 2. 
  1. Then go to the “Settings” menu of the webcast. In the upper third you will find the “Tags” line. 3. 
  1. Type in the terms that help to better distinguish the webcast. These can be comments, but also project numbers. 
  1. After typing a word or small phrase, either press the enter key or click with the mouse outside the line. A tag will be generated from your input. 
  1. If you want to search for a tag, open the menu “Events” in the tabular view and search for the term  

6. if you see an event with a matching search term, but you only want to see all those webcasts that have exactly this tag, then click on the desired tag in the search result.

7. if you want to delete a tag, go to the settings menu of the respective event and click on the small x next to the unwanted tag. 


1. Quick assignment of a webcast to a project number (e.g. SAP001234) 

2. Finding webcasts of the same type with different titles (e.g. “Early Monday news”) 

3. Finding webcasts with the same title and different settings for different target groups in a more complex setup (e.g. shareholder, employees, press)