Surveys offers your attendees the possibility to let you know their opinions on questions of your choosing. This is a way of gaining valuable feedback immediately.

When you open the admin interface you will see the Surveys button in the Prepare section.

You can create a survey easily. Add a name and a description, then add questions. You can also choose to allow voting before the event starts. Furthermore you can also keep the survey active after the event is concluded and decide for how many hours you would like to allow voting afterwards.

Please note that only one survey can be active per event. If you add a new survey a previous one would be deactivated.

If your event has an Attendee Registration page, where attendees are invited to enter their personal data, you can link the survey results to their registration data by unticking “Anonymous survey”. By default, surveys are anonymous.

You can add multiple questions. To make them answerable you have several options to choose from.

In this example we are choosing radio buttons which allow for only one single answer per question:

This is what the attendees will see:

radio button
This survey is not anonymous. The attendees are warned.

The results of the voting are available in two formats: as results and as raw results. You can access them through the survey page.

where to find survey results

Results give you a more detailed overview about the voting:

survey results

Raw results give you the unanalyzed outcome of a voting process:

If the survey isn’t anonymous, Raw results is where you find the registration data of the attendees.

The Download button allows you to download the full result table in XLS format.