Surveys: Output results

This article describes the different representations that a survey provides. How to create surveys is covered in this article.

The results of the surveys and polls can be displayed graphically in the backend. For questions created using radio buttons (questions that allow only one answer choice at a time), there is a graphical representation in the format of a pie chart. Questions with a free text field as an answer option can be displayed both in plain text or as a word cloud.

To do this, go to the “Surveys” menu in your webcast. There you will see all your surveys listed in one line. At the right end click on the first small icon

Pie charts and bars are displayed for all questions that were received using radio buttons. If you move the mouse over a bar or a part of the pie chart, you will see the underlying area highlighted so that you can better read the result.

There are two views for questions with free text fields. On the one hand a pure listing of all received texts, on the other hand a Wordcloud, in which repeating words are visually highlighted more.