Surveys: How do I gather opinions and moods from my attendees?

Surveys are a good way to give your attendees a low-threshold tool for expressing their opinions.
You can create polls for this purpose in the “Surveys” menu within an event.
You can put several questions into one survey. A question can have either a free text field or radio buttons for the answer. The latter allow the specification of answer options, to which the viewer can select exactly one
[e.g. either answer a) or b) or c) ].

Questions are added to a survey
Umfrage Ansicht Zuschauer
See the result in attendees view

A survey can be completed only once by a viewer. When you create a survey, you can also specify whether the results are stored anonymously, or whether the record will be linked to information from a previously set registration.

You can create multiple surveys that can be inserted at different times during the webcast. However, only one can be faded in at a time.

All changes must be saved at the end by clicking on “Save”!


Other settings for surveys:

When creating a new survey, first give it a name that will be presented to the viewer as the survey title – e.g. “Feedback on webcast”. In the description text you can add more information describing the survey. For example, how questions with points as answer options should be interpreted (“Please assign points according to the school grading system: Grade 1 = very good, Grade 2 = good, etc.).

The fields “Participation possible from/until” and “Active during an event” influence when a survey can be automatically displayed. For this purpose, the “scheduled time”, as well as the “scheduled time + duration” serve as a reference for the calculation. See and adjust those settings in the event settings. The switch “Active” serves as a main switch. Only in combination with it, a survey can become active.

While the webcast is running, a survey can be switched on or off at any time in the Live Producer.

Survey title and description text
Enable a survey in the live producer during a broadcast

Survey Results

In the “Surveys” menu you will also find several icons in the line with the name for the suvey. The first icon “Results” gives you a detailed insight into the voting process.

The second icon “raw results” displays all results as bare data. Here you can also export the results as an Excel sheet for further analysis.