Stream configuration

By default, SlideSync will encode video directly in your web browser, using your webcam or a connected USB camera as a source.

This encoding method is very easy to use and produces excellent video quality when used on a computer that is not too old. However, some advanced production operations cannot be performed with it due to its inherent limitations. To enable professional-level production quality, SlideSync can be configured to use external encoders.

For example, a professional production might want to send a redundant backup stream through a different internet connection. In case the primary stream is interrupted, SlideSync will seamlessly switch to the backup. This cannot be done within a web browser.

SlideSync explicitly supports two external encoders by providing configuration files for them. The professional production suite Wirecast, and the robust free-software alternative OBS Studio.

Any other RTMP-compatible encoder is implicitly supported in the option “External Encoder”. You just have to enter the settings manually.

Stream configuration in the Live Producer of SlideSync

Encode in browser

Default option. When you are ready to stream, SlideSync will ask permission to use a connected camera and microphone. More details.

Flash Media Live Encoder

This option is here for legacy reasons. Use only your infrastructure requires it.

  • Change the encoding method to Flash Media Live Encoder
  • Download the encoder configuration
  • Import the configuration file into Flash Media Live Encoder.


  • Change the encoding method to Wirecast
  • Download the encoder configuration
  • Double click on the downloaded file to load the profile in Wirecast
  • Details are available in File > Outputs.

Open Broadcaster Software

Open Broadcaster Software is a free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming.

  • Change the encoding method to Open Broadcaster Software
  • Download and unzip the encoder configuration file
  • In OBS, go to Profile > Import
  • Open the folder created when you unzipped the file provided by SlideSync (not the zip file)
  • A new profile with your event’s name is now available in the Profile menu. Select it and you can start streaming.
  • Details are available in Settings > Stream.

We made a short tutorial about the basics in OBS.

Using other encoders

To use another encoder or setup your encoder manually, set the encoding method to Other Encoder and copy the provided parameters into your configuration.

We recommend the following video settings:

  • 25 FPS
  • Key frame every 50 frames (every 2 seconds)

Please review our studio setup article for a short list of supported devices.