Stream and Slides / My first event

Creating a webcast is one thing above all: easy and quickly done! 

We at SlideSync have made it our mission to make the creation and operation of SlideSync as intuitive and simple as possible. 

The easiest way to create your own event is the following: 

1. You create an event. Here you choose key data like the title, start and duration of the event, as well as the type (a web-, audio-, or slidecast). Don’t worry, you can change all this later. 

2. Then you will get to the overview page where you can also see the attendees link. 

3. Click on the “Live Producer” tab: a pop-up window opens. 

4. If your browser asks for permission to access your webcam and microphone, please grant it. In the shown dialog, you can choose which devices should be responsible for the audio or video feed if necessary. Then click on “Join the conference“. 

5. If wanted, upload a presentation in parallel. To do this, click the large plus icon and wait until the slides finished loading. This may take a while! 

6. When you are ready, click the “Start Webcast” button. 

As soon as the border of the video frame lights up red, the webcast is live and you can start your presentation. 

7. To switch to the next slide during your presentation, click the arrow in the right pane in the large slide view. 

This is the simplest scenario! 

If you would like to further customize your webcast, go to the “Settings” menu after creating the webcast. There you can change the duration, the event title, and the date, as well as select or deselect languages. The source of the stream can also be changed here (produce webcast using your own webcam or using external software and hardware).

– Webcast with a simple webcam

– Webcast with a professional and external soft- or hardware encoder

In the other articles of this support portal you will find more detailed instructions for the use of further functions of SlideSync.