SlideSync CDN Edge Node


In large corporate networks, remote locations can struggle to get enough bandwidth for video-intensive applications such as SlideSync. When exceeding the limits of current internet connections, the quality of the video is reduced dramatically and can also lead to an interruption in the transmission

To provide the best experience for every subscriber, even in networks with limited Internet bandwidth, SlideSync Edge Nodes have been developed. These are special relay servers that cache video data and drastically reduce bandwidth consumption. This ensures consistently good video quality for all participants.

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The SlideSync CDN Edge Node is a 1U appliance. In the Hybrid Master configuration, it replicates an external unicast stream for up to 3,000 local clients and can replicate to further Edge Servers deployed within the enterprise.  

Manufacturer Fujitsu
Device Type Rack server
Model Primergy RX200 S6
Rack units 1
Dimensions max. 483 (rack panel) / 435 (body) x 770 x 43 mm (w x d x h)
Weight max. 17 kg
Power consumption max. 550 W
Heat emission max. 1980 kJ/h
Power outlets required 2
Ethernet connectors 1x Application, 10 Gbits/s Alternatively, up to 4x 1 Gbit/s (in case 10 Gbit/s connectivity cannot be sustained by the network topology) 1x Internet/DMZ, 1 Gbit/s 1x VMware Administration, 1 Gbit/s 1x iRMC Administration, 1 Gbit/s
NIC teaming No
Operating system VMware ESXi 6.0 (Guest: Ubuntu 16.04)
Remote management iRMC S2