Record events, edit and publish on-demand


Slidesync can record the stream for later viewing. The slides will be displayed next to the recording, just like during the live event, and they will be synchronized to the recording.

Recording is on by default. It can be toggled in the Basics, or in the Live Producer, before starting the event.

Edit recording

Once the event is over, there is often a little bit of editing needed before a recording can be published. For example, it often happens that the stream is started before the event, and the first few seconds need to be trimmed away. Same with the end of the event, where there might be some recorded footage you want to remove. You can trim the video quite precisely within SlideSync using the Edit Recording tool.

Edit recording tool presentation

You can also manipulate the timing of the slides by dragging the slides on the timeline. You can even replace the slideset with an updated one, to fix a typo or a layout mistake.

Final touches

In the Files section, you have the option to add a bit of polish to your recorded event.

Add a custom thumbnail

By default, SlideSync shows a frame from the recording as a thumbnail when the video is not playing yet. You can upload a custom thumbnail from the File page:

Change thumbnail screen

Let viewers download the video file

You can see the “Publicly downloadable” toggle in the screenshot above. Note that in order to make videos recorded on SlideSync downloadable, you’ll first need to “Export” it, using the export button on the same page:

Export video file

Add subtitles

Only available for some subscriptions. Contact us if you don’t see the option and you think you need it.

Subtitles: how to prepare and add them

Publishing your event

If your event recording is published then it is available to attendees. This is shown by the Published button at the top-right of the Edit Recordings page. If you do not want the event recording to be available, click on this button to disable publishing.