Questions from the attendees to the presenter

The Q&A module allows remote attendees watching the presentation on their browser to ask questions to the speaker via a form on the Attendee View. Just like if they were in the same room.

When a question is asked by an attendee, it can be displayed immediately to the speaker, or filtered, edited and organized by a moderator.

The speaker can simply answer the questions as part of their presentation, just like they would a question from an attendee in the same room.

Enabling questions

The Q&A settings are in the “Basics” page in the SlideSync backend.

Q&A settings

Sending questions

The question submission form on the Attendee View looks like this:

Question view

If the option is enabled, attendees can access a tab that shows all previously approved questions:

Public live questions

Moderating questions

If a colleague is available to filter, edit and organize incoming questions before sending them to the speaker, make sure the “auto-approve questions” setting is off in the “Basics” page (see the first screenshot).

The moderator must be registered in SlideSync with the “moderator” role. See the Event Manager Checklist article for how to manage a team.

Moderators, and of course Event Managers, will have access to the “Questions” tool in the SlideSync backend.

Question moderator view

The questions in the “incoming” column are fully editable. The moderator can simply click anywhere in the text of the question and start typing, fixing a typo, reformulating obscure questions, ensuring the best flow for the speaker. Note the “Enter Question” field at the bottom. It allows the moderator to shortcut the workflow, for example, to relay a question for someone else.

Moving a question to the Live column will make it visible on the speaker view. Moving it to Answered will make it disappear.