Question and Answer Tool

The new Q&A tool has been given a fresher look and new functions.

To use the new question tool, the toggle at the top right must be activated. SlideSync then switches to the new view and the questions asked so far are taken over.

Questions are displayed in the right-hand column – as before.
(Setup: Questions are published automatically is not active)

Dragging questions into the live column has been simplified.

(Setup: Only questions in the live column are displayed to the viewer is active).

The audience view shows the released questions in the live column

Question voting is also possible for viewers. Here in the view of the back office.

Viewers can now rate the questions. A new feature is the sorting by votes. Viewers can set this for themselves, or the back office can set it for everyone.

If this is activated in the back office, the display is synchronised with the viewers.

By clicking on the question, it can be processed by the back office.

For example, the answer for the speakers could already be provided by the back office.

(Attention: If you push the question into the live column, the edited answer will also be shown to the audience)

In position 3, the viewer sees the answer for the speakers.

New: the recycle bin
Questions can be moved to the recycle bin (trash icon to the right of the question)

To get to the view of the questions in the trash, click on the cogwheel at the bottom right and in the menu on the trash.

(note: the questions are not deleted, but moved to an extra column)

In the viewer view, answered and deleted questions do not remain visible.