Protection from access

There are several strategies to protect your event from unauthorized access.

The easiest one is a simple password that you must provide your audience together with the webcast attendee link.

To do this, go to the Registration menu and activate the Registration button. Drag the “Password” entry from the right column to the left column with the mouse. Click again on the menu “Registration“. If it didn’t already show up automatically, the automatically set password appears at the bottom of the form. Click on it to adjust it to your own preferences and confirm the change with the check mark.

If you’ve got increased security requirements

Depending on your subscription, there are other, more secure ways to secure your webcast. You can ask SlideSync to send invitations with personal links.

To do this, activate the “Restricted group of participants“. Then, one by one, enter all the email addresses of the viewers you want to invite in the “Invite Participants” field. SlideSync will then send the invitations immediately. The personal link created in this way cannot be shared among several viewers but can only be used by one person at a time.

Are all desired attendees employees of the same company? Then you can simply activate the e-mail domain of the company. Enter the domain (e.g. in the line “Allow domains for self registration“. Distribute the webcast attendee link to your employees. You can find it on the overview page of the event. When the viewer calls up the webcast, they will be asked for their email address. If the email address is e.g., the attendee will receive an email with his personal link. on the other hand, will be declined and no invitation email and no personal link is sent.

Do you need to invite a large list of people? We at SlideSync will be happy to help you with that. All we need is an Excel spreadsheet.


If you instead want special security and a lot of comfort for your employees in a corporate context, a so-called Single Sign-On with SAML technology is an option. We will be happy to send you separate information on this.