Presenter Guide

For the ones who will be facing the camera, most of the preparation work should be spent on the subject matter. That’s why we pay special attention to designing our Presenter tool so it can be used without any training.

Which means you actually don’t need to read this. However, having a quick look at how things are going to be like could help your presentation go just a little more smoothly.

This article assumes someone else is taking care of managing the event. If you’re a one-man-show, better start with the Event Manager Checklist.

The Live Producer

An email invitation has already most likely been sent to you. If you click the link in it, you’ll be asked to choose a password and your account will be set up.

While viewing can be done on all browsers, broadcasting video is a cutting-edge feature that only works on Chrome and Firefox.

Once you’re logged in, you should see the Backend Dashboard. The tool most relevant to you is called Live Producer.

Screenshot of the default logged in display
The default logged in screen
The Live Producer
The Live Producer

When you record video or audio in the Live Producer for the first time your browser asks you for permission to access your webcam and microphone. If you refuse permission, SlideSync cannot start the transfer. More information.

From this screen, all the major actions of the event can be performed.

  1. Start the broadcast. You can see the button to do that top-left of the video feedback.
  2. Switch slides
  3. Stop the event.

The three main widgets that you can see on the screenshot are:

  1. Your Video feedback.
    For webcam events, once you click “Start”, what you see there is what your attendance is seeing. Note: for events where someone else is holding the camera, video feedback would be distracting so it’s disabled.
  2. The Slide widget. Where you can see what Slide is currently displayed, and preview all the other slides. Tip: as long as the Live Producer window is in focus, the left and right arrow keys of your keyboard can be used to switch to the next/previous slide.
  3. The question widget, where you can see the questions that your attendance is sending you.

Note that  Pre  in the top-left corner shows you that the event has not yet started.

More on questions

If questions have been enabled for your event, your attendees will be provided with a question field. This is what it looks like for them:

Question view
This event is now live

If a colleague is here to assist you from backstage, they will be able to filter and select which questions are sent to your Live Producer window. Otherwise, questions will be sent directly to you. If you look again at the screenshot of the Live Producer, you’ll see that two questions are displayed below the video feedback.

Answer them at your convenience live. If you have a manager backstage, the questions you have already answered should disappear.