Overview of Slidesync

SlideSync can be controlled through a dashboard, just like a blog or a CMS (WordPress…). If you just created an account, a “SlideSync Demo Event” is there for you to play with.

Event overview page
Overview of your event

This management tool allows you and your team to prepare for the event, by setting up a personalized landing page for attendees. You’ll be able to upload all the required files and conduct test broadcasts to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Screenshot of an Event Page
This is what invited attendees will see on the link you send them

On the day of the event, SlideSync provides live tools for event managers so the presenter can fully focus on their performance. Questions can be taken from the audience, screened by the manager and sent to the presenter. Analytics tools give you a bird-eye view of the situation.

Once it’s all over, the landing page can be kept online for attendees to view the recording of the broadcast. More detailed analytics allow you to better understand your audience and better meet their needs in the future.

Don’t hesitate to try various options on the dashboard. Once you’ve had a look a the various tools, you might want to check out the Event Manager Checklist.