Multilingual webcast

Localization is part of the core values of SlideSync. If your subscription includes Multilingual events, they are quite easy to set up.

Multilingual events are available for Pro and Entreprise subscription. Contact us for a seamless upgrade if you need this feature.

On a multilingual webcast, the production will be streamed in multiple languages, using parallel streams. Attendees will be automatically directed to the stream corresponding to their browser. A language selector is also available if they wish to see the event in another language than their system settings.

For example, you could produce an event where the presenter will speak in English, but that French speakers will be able to view thanks to a translated interface, slideset and an interpreter dubbing the feed live.

In that case, the French attendee will open a webpage in French, where they’ll view a webpage in French, a video feed dubbed in French and French language slides.

Currently, 13 languages are available, and we keep adding new ones as required by our customers.

How to set up the Attendee View for a Multilingual Event