Integration options

Embed a SlideSync webcast into another website

A webcast that is transmitted to your viewers via SlideSync can be visually integrated into your company website. You can get the necessary lines of code for your website in the menu “Overview“. There you will find the section “Embed this event into your website“, followed by a gray area with the required HTML code. Click on this gray area; the code will be copied to your clipboard. Paste this code into your website or hand it over to your colleagues in IT.

Embed code shown on event overview page

The line breaks contained in the embed code must be preserved!


Other technical terms that are synonymous in this context:

  • Embed code: Lines of code to call up a third-party website within your own.
  • Iframe: Method for embedding third-party content on your own site using an embed code or source URL.

Including a third-party website as part of the webcast within SlideSync:

If you want to embed external content in the layout of your event on SlideSync, you will need the assistance of our SlideSync support team.

The support team can embed external content into a SlideSync webcast using an iframe. To do so, please have the embed code ready you receive from the third party.

For further questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us.


Iframe / Inlineframe: Wikipedia