Guide for a successful video conference


  • Be punctual for the test and the event as well. 
  • Check your image and audio in advance. 
  • Mute yourself when entering. Only unmute when talking. 
  • Don’t turn off your camera during the test or the event. 
  • Don’t leave the meeting without consultation. 


  • Use a wired internet connection. 
  • Check your bandwidth in advance: 
  • Up-/ Download > 5Mbit/s optimal, less speed would have a negative impact on the transmission. 


  • Camera at eye-level. Head should be in the upper-third of the picture. 
  • Use folders or books in order to adjust the height. 
  • When using your smartphonecamera, use it in landscapemode. 


  • Choose a calm, tidy background… 
  • or use a digital background. 


  • Use a desk lamp. 
  • Switch on your room light. 
  • Sit infront of a window (without direct sunlight hitting you). 
  • Avoid back light (never sit infront of a light source). 


  • Sit in a calm area. 
  • Use a headset (wired) or conference telephone. 
  • If the office is small, the device microphone can be used (most of the time). 


  • Uniformly coloured. 
  • Combine a maximum of two different colours. 
  • Avoid strong patterns or no contrasts. (e.g. no fine stripes, small squares or dots. A white shirt in front of a white background leads to a low contrast.). 

These are recommendations.