Editing layout

SlideSync offers different possibilities to adjust the layout of an event. To do this, select the menu “Edit layout“. In the upper right margin, first select one of the various templates that most closely matches your ideas.

At the top edge you can now upload a logo or select one that has already been uploaded before. To do this, click on the “Gallery” button and activate the desired logo by setting the green check mark.

chosing a previously already uploaded logo by clicking the check mark

In the center you can see the area where the video and slides will be visible later. You can add a set of slides to SlideSync directly in this view. To do so, press the right area, or select from a previously uploaded presentation by clicking the Gallery button.

In the lower area you will find a text area where you can add e.g. an event description, further links or images. In the case of an audiocast and the selection of template 4, this field is displayed to the left of the slide area.

If it is a multilingual webcast, a separate text can be stored for each language. To do this, change the target language using the flag in the menu line and then edit the text field again.

All changes in this free field will only be applied after saving. Therefore, please click on the check mark at the lower right edge of the text area! If the check mark is not visible, scroll a little bit up/down, and the buttons appears.

use the check mark to save changes in the free text area

In the upper right corner, you will find the “Preview” button that allows you to preview the final attendees’ view.

Advanced customizations

Do you want any other customization to the site layout? E.g. a background image, logos other colors or fonts. Please contact the SlideSync support team.