What you can do yourself – and when you should contact our support

You can easily create a professional webcast, audiocast or slidecast yourself.
If you have some technical knowledge and also equipment to record video and audio from your presenters and guests, then you can get to your webcast quite quickly. This includes e.g. semi-professional (SLR) cameras, clip-on or lapel microphones, soft or indirect light for the speaker and a suitable connection of the technology to your computer e.g. via USB cable. Last but not least, you will need some encoder software or hardware. There are both paid and free software solutions to create a professional RTMP stream and send it to SlideSync.
You also have a choice of whether you want to present information to your audience in the form of a PowerPoint presentation or similar information boards.
If your customization needs are more complicated and require, for example, an adjustment of the layout, then it is necessary to contact our support. We will be happy to discuss with you what changes are possible to our standard design and where its limits are.

Of course, you can also contact us with any other questions and problems.