Display questions publicly to viewers

To increase the transparency of incoming questions, they can be displayed to the viewers.

There are two basic display types: as a fade-in as soon as you press a corresponding button, or in a small list view next to the input area for the questions.

Showing questions individually:

A question moderator can open the “Questions” menu. If a question is in the “live” column, it has a small eye faded in the upper right corner. By clicking on the eye symbol, the question will be displayed in the viewer’s view. The eye then glows red. Clicking again makes the eye disappear.

Only one question can be displayed at a time in this way. Clicking on more eye icons while another question is already fading in will end the previous fade in, etc.

Menu Questions: Detailed view of a question in the live column. Showing the eye symbol in upper right corner

Show questions in a list view:

Menu: settings

Menu Settings

By activating this button, a list is displayed next to the input area of the Question Tool. There all received questions are listed. However, this requires that the questions are in the “live” column of the question tool in the backend. This can be done manually or automatically.

Attendee view: next to the input field for questions on the left, the received questions appear on the right (marked red).

Automatically show incoming questions:

Menu: settings

Auto-approve questions” is responsible for moving automatically incoming questions to the live column of the question tool in the SlideSync backend. Thus, a speaker will automatically see all incoming questions in their speaker view, as well as all viewers in your viewer view.


On the other hand, if the “Auto-approve questions” switch is disabled, a question moderator has to see through incoming questions and manually move them into the live column, or sort them out into the “Answered” column.

Again, the speaker will not see the question in their speaker view until it is dragged into the middle one – the live column. The same goes for viewers in your attendees’ view.

Questions Tool: moderator view with three columns present. Incoming, Live and Answered

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