Create subtitles automatically

For recordings, it is possible to create subtitles automatically. Once the subtitles are created, viewers can activate them for video on demand.

Currently this function is only available for on demand webcasts. Live subtitling will be added to the functionality of SlideSync soon. 


To automatically create a subtitle, go to the “Files” menu. There you select the recording or the trimmed version of a recording, that is to receive a subtitle. In the row saying “Subtitles“, you will first see whether subtitle files have already been added to the video and in which language they are. These files may have been created by external translation agencies or by the automatic function within SlideSync. An article on how to create a subtitle file manually can be found here

To create a subtitle automatically, click on “Create subtitle” in the bottom right corner of the “Subtitle” row. This process takes several minutes – depending on the length of the recording. Once the process is complete, the subtitle is automatically added to the video file.  

If you want to add more subtitles, e.g. from a translation, first select the target language in the drop-down menu, click the “Select file” button on the right and select the file. It must be either in .vtt or .srt format. Finally, click the “Upload subtitle” button on the very right. 

Within the webcast player, the attendee can chose to activate subtitles, as well as select the subtitle language, if several have been uploaded in Slidesync backend.

Multilingual webcasts 

If you have a webcast with multiple languages, you can first have a subtitle automatically generated for each language version, then download the version and add it as an additional language in the other language version. This way, for each spoken version of the video, you also have all the other languages available as subtitles.

The recordings should start roughly at the same time, so that the time stamps of the subtitles fit together.