Conference Call

SlideSync offers the possibility to have conference participants participate in an audiocast via telephone instead of using a microphone or headset in front of their computers.

When creating the webcast, select the event type “Audiocast“.

Then open the “Live Producer“. First select your audio source and sink, then join the conference. If you want to be able to speak and listen exclusively by phone, ignore this selection.

In the following view, you will see a telephone number and a pin code displayed in the Live Producer. Pass on this number incl. pin code to other conference participants. In this way, conference participants who do not have access to the SlideSync backend can join the conference via telephone.

You can also dial in with your phone at the same time as you join the conference with your computer as a kind of backup. In this case, please mute the sound output on the computer and its microphone so that no echo enters the conference.

Each participant in the conference is displayed in the participant list with their telephone number.