Audience Questions

Questions offer you the opportunity to enter into a written exchange with your audience.

Allow questions

To convey transparency to the audience, you can also make the incoming questions publicly visible.

Allow questions before the start of the event

If you would like to give viewers the opportunity to ask their questions in advance before the webcast starts, activate this function. The questions are listed in the Questions backend in the column “Incoming questions”.

Visibility of questions for participants

To provide transparency to the viewer, you can also make the incoming questions publicly visible

Possibility of preselection

To enable the back office to pre-sort questions, only those questions can be displayed to the viewer that are available to the speaker in the “Live” column.

Questions Voting by the audience

A new feature so that questions are not asked more than once is question voting. Viewers can give a “thumbs up” to questions that have been asked and published. However, this necessarily means that the questions are displayed to the viewer.

Questions without mentioning the name

If you want to counteract the natural shyness of people to ask questions publicly with their names, you can activate this option. However, if the name is not activated – i.e. if it is mandatory – SlideSync does not check whether the name is valid.

Example of question voting

You would like to give the viewers the opportunity to ask questions and use the voting function to rate them.

To do this, we have made the following settings:

2 viewers have already sent in questions

Viewers do not yet see the questions

The back office can now process the questions received, pre-select them and then make them available to the viewers and speakers. To do this, the desired question is moved to the live column by drag and drop.

Both questions have now been published, and one viewer has already cast a vote:

For maximum transparency, this process can also be automated by publishing the questions to the viewers automatically, i.e. without pre-selection by a back office. To do this, activate the following button in the settings:

Only a few seconds after sending the question, it appears in the right-hand column and can be rated by the viewers