Attendee Registration

Attendee registration allows you to get better feedback on the attendance. Each attendee can be required to fill in personal data, such as names or emails. Once the event is over, you can get more precise statistics from our Analytics tool.

Enabling registration

If Attendee Registration is available for your subscription, you can activate it on the Event’s Registration page.

Attendee registration tab

Registration fields

Once you have enabled registration, you can manage which fields attendees fill out by dragging them from Available fields to Selected fields. You can also order the fields by dragging them to a new position.

​To make a field mandatory, click on the checkbox beside it.

You can protect your event with a shared password. If you do so, attendees will have to provide the password to access the event.

To set a password for your event:

  • Select the Registration password field
  • Edit the password in the Global Password field below.
animation of how to add registration fields

Attendee View

When the attendee opens the Public Event page, they will then need to enter the required information to access the event. You can see how this page will look to attendees on the Preview page.

Registration page preview