Analytics & Statistics

You want to know more about the current progress of your webcast and how or from where your viewers follow the webcast? Then go to the “Analytics” menu.


The view can be divided into four blocks. In the upper view, you can see the parallel watching attendees of the stream at a given time. This applies both to the webcast while it is live, but also later should the webcast be published as a video on demand. 

On the other hand, the pie charts on the left and the table on the right will provide information about any accesses to the webcast, regardless of the time when it happened. 

The minutes in the lower left area shows the sum of attendee minutes depending on the selection taken within the upper block. Here, furthermore, the sum of minutes is split by playout path and stream languages. These numbers are crucial for billing. 

Information about attendees 

The details of the evaluation are anonymized. Personal data is only obtained by activating a registration form. Then another tab Participants appears above the line chart.

All requested values from an attendee from the registration form, as well as the total time spent per attendee in the webcast, is listed here. If a participant appears several times in the list, then he used more than one browser or changed devices in between. 


Exporting lists and views 

Both the graphs of the evaluation and the details of the participant lists can be exported. In the participants’ view, click on “Export participants list” in the upper right corner. This process may take a while. Once the export is complete, a small triangle appears to the right of the button. Click on it to start the download. To export an updated version of the table, click Export participants list again. 

The graphs of the evaluation can also be exported. When the “Requests” tab is selected, the export button is also located in the upper right corner, here called “Create PDF Report.” Again, the process takes a bit of time. Once it is complete, the small triangle appears to indicate that the download is available.